Eric Koziol is a media artist and digital filmmaker who works at the intersection of documentary storytelling, technology, and the performing arts. As a documentarian, he profiles visionaries in industrial and architectural design, neuroscience, virtual reality, and robotics. His artistic practice is centered on collaborations with dancers, choreographers, actors and musicians for presentation on both stage and screen.
Koziol’s work is characterized by a fluidity and responsiveness to the physical and conceptual terrain of each project. He moves integrally with his subjects, drawing on his experience as dancer. Though he has lived and worked in Europe, it is Eastern thought and culture from which he takes particular inspiration—a reflection of his training in and ongoing practice in yoga, qi gong, and reiki. 
Using the camera as his tool of engagement, Koziol is the quintessential observer, inhabiting the space of others and interpreting for a wide audience, be it through short or feature-length documentaries, international collaborations in the arts, or ongoing design research. 
A native of Flint, Michigan, who majored in performance, film, and computer graphics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Koziol found his early artistic niche in the coincidental rise of personal computing and MTV. In 1989 he co-founded H-Gun Labs, one of the first boutique multimedia studios to use the Macintosh computer as its principal tool of production. Initially specializing in music videos, the company received widespread exposure for collaborations with bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, Soundgarden, De La Soul, and Ministry, and for live concert videos produced for DJ Shadow, Megadeth, Diamanda Galas, and others.
The company’s portfolio of commercial and broadcast design clients soon encompassed global brands such as Levi’s and major television networks, including MTV, Bravo, E! and U.S. cable channels franchised in Latin America and Japan. Eric’s collaborations with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, comedian Roseanne Barr, and drag performer Ru Paul brought the firm significant visibility.
Beginning in 2001, Koziol’s own professional activity expanded to include documentary, branded content and corporate communication videos for clients such as Fuji Xerox, Panasonic, Red Stripe, Williams Sonoma, Bank of America, Cisco, Victoria’s Secret. Many of these projects were in collaboration with the design firm IDEO. As a documentary filmmaker on staff at Stanford University 2009-2020, he communicated key aspects of the university’s mission through short features on topics ranging from biotechnology to the arts and the affordability of higher education.
As a video and performing artist Koziol has exhibited at The Getty and Hammer Museums in Los Angeles, The Film Society at Lincoln Center in New York, and the Cinema Museum in Moscow as well as on the Lalapalooza tour. His work has been supported by the Asian Art Museum, CounterPulse, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco as well as by the Headlands Center for the Arts & Stanford Live in the wider Bay Area, Dance Camera West in Los Angeles, The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, P.S. 122, and The Monaco Dance and Technology Forum.
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