This triptych was inspired by the life story and artistic output of Cuban American artist Ana Mendieta. The video was originally designed as a gallery based looping 3 screen video installation. The work was an extension of the collaboration with choreographer Amara Tabor Smith of Deep Waters Dance, and her staged work EarthBodyHOME at ODC in San Francisco.       Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Eric Koziol (TRT 6:05)

A haunting portrayal of a lonely and demented aristocrat. The Duchess is filled with long repressed memories and conjured demons. Visually exquisite, the action is set in Germany amongst the opulent Prussian palaces of Sans-Souci and the textured ruins of Fabric Potsdam.Her past and present collide launching sonic shards and psychic debris. (TRT 15:22)
"The Duchess" directed, photographed, edited and sound designed by Eric Koziol is adapted from the staged theatrical work "Cockroach" conceived and directed by Shinichi Iova-Koga and developed by inkBoat (1999-2002). Original music by members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
Sci-Fi B-Movie parody. (TRT 1:12) Doug Carney, Director / Eric Koziol, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor 
Created as the opening for the "Performance Studies International Conference #19", held on the Stanford University campus June 2013. Concept by Jennifer Devere Brody and Eric Koziol. All footage sourced on Youtube. Editing by Eric Koziol. (TRT 4:10)
A fashion video for Chicago jewelry designer Nancy Deal. Art Direction and Styling by Mary Brogger. Photography and Editing by Eric Koziol (TRT 1:02)
Hallucination Corporelle is a choreography for camera which takes its point of departure from an extraordinary clinical observation, published in 1905 by French neurologists G. Deny and P. Camus on their patient Madame I, a woman who had “lost body awareness”. The work presents a clinical, yet sensual, composite portrait of patients suffering from “disordered body schema”, neurological syndromes that profoundly alter the way in which one perceives one’s own body. (TRT14:45)
Directed, photographed and edited by Eric Koziol
Choreographed and performed by Robynne Gravenhorst
Sound by John Biscoff
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